Our Service

Consultancy and Development Service for Exclusive Enterprise Solution

To seek for survival and faster business growth in today’s challenging market place, many organizations are searching for a solution that reduce their manual operation, avoid redundancy and maximize their operation efficiency so that they can produce more quality work without incur huge over head cost .

Unfortunately , many of the solution providers out there are providing more features and functionality but it might not suit your priority .

Practically, you know having a reliable and cost effective car to do business more effectively is all about it . It does not need to be sport car .

Without compromising your priority, we help you to save as much as 40 – 60% of cost compare to other vendor.

Without having too much of investment , MyWam can help you to improve your operation by providing you genuine consultancy that target your priority

We do not mold your business into our system workflow, but we mold our technical knowledge to best suit your business .

We break the project down to phases so that you can follow and adapt to it from time to time . This would not only reduce your total ownership cost but it also expedites the implementation process .

Follow Following are our previous experience in providing our consultancy and development service:

  • Corporate Web Site
  • eCommerce Business Channel
  • Point Of Sales (POS)
  • Web hosting and maintenance
  • Business Matching Service
  • HR Management Portal
  • Corporate Internal Portal